Expect Excellence



Director Amber Werchon is a keen commercial investor and along with several other Amber Werchon Property agents, has extensive experience in this area. Together, the team has a dynamic understanding of both local and national trends in commercial development.

Over the past few years Amber Werchon Property has sold, leased and continued to manage some well-known commercial properties.

One of the most common complaints that commercial sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords express is lack of knowledge, lack of feedback and poor service from agents. At Amber Werchon Property, we use the same model for servicing commercial clients as we do for residential clients, meaning you’ll receive five-star service throughout the duration of our appointment.

Our sellers also have the distinct advantage that we’re interacting every day with investors who are flexible in regards to the type of property they would purchase. As we market both, we have the ability to capture a buyer who may have originally been considering residential property, but is equally suited to a commercial investment.