AW Money


AW Money was launched in 2010, established after the integration of a successful Sunshine Coast mortgage broker firm with the Sunshine Coast’s leading real estate agency, Amber Werchon Property. With strong values and a team focus on the customer experience, AW Money is committed to providing the best and most sustainable solution for every client. You can be assured that you will have professional guidance every step of the way. For us, the aim is to build a long term business relationship with you, not just facilitate a short term transaction. Here are some good reasons why you should choose us…



With strong values and a focus on customer experience instilled in the entire team, we are totally committed to providing you with the best possible sustainable solution. Our focus is on the long term relationship, not the short term transaction. With integrity and professionalism being the cornerstone of our daily activities, we guarantee that your customer experience and expectations will be surpassed. All of our mortgage brokers have years of experience to ensure the advice you get is the best in the marketplace!



Do you enjoy dealing with banks? If your answer is no, you’re not alone.
Studies show that the number one reason most people choose a mortgage broker is to save them the time and stress of directly dealing with a bank. We manage all the hassle so you don’t have to.


If you are buying a property, the first step is securing your finance. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned buyer, you need to do your homework. AW Money can make the purchase process easier for you. Our website can provide you with a great range of helpful information including a wide variety of available loan types. We’ll hunt out the best loan we can to suit your individual needs. Working with 33 different lending institutions, we have access to loans you can’t get at your local bank. With the savings often being in the tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll be sure to get a great deal!



Our service to you is free, even if you don’t go ahead with a loan. Just like real estate agents who are paid a commission for selling a home, the lenders pay finance brokers a fee for successfully placed loans, so there’s no direct cost to you.



First home buyers can relax, safe in the hands of the seasoned mortgage professionals at AW Money.
By discussing all of the possible loan features, we can find the perfect match for you, guiding you into your first home with confidence. Whether it’s helping you understand the steps required before you are ready for a loan or ensuring you get early approval so you can start shopping with confidence, you can be assured that you will have professional support every step of the way.



Shopping for a new home or upgrading? Then it is the perfect time to review your home loan. Many people actually pay much more than they have to on their mortgage, but AW Money will ensure that you have the best loan for your needs. Sometimes this means not having to change lenders to save money! We can advise you about getting your loan approved before you find your new home or organising bridging finance if you find a new home before your old one is sold.



Thinking about investing? Have you considered the benefits of using more than one lender? Would you like to know more about borrowing with your Super Fund? With AW Money, investing is easy! You will get quality mortgage advice and flexible investment loan options to help you achieve your financial goals sooner.



If you need help with refinancing, we monitor the market for you and show you how to consolidate your debt to reduce your weekly repayments. Our five minute home loan health check can save you thousands of dollars! Just visit our website for online advice or call one of our experienced brokers who will guide you through the process.



You may be considering building or renovating a property and need to know what restrictions lenders can place on the loans available. This may incur a higher rate without the option of a fixed rate. We can provide you with the choice of a flexible, fixed or variable construction loan and discuss what is best for you.



We can help you with loans to purchase new and existing vehicles (age restriction applies) as well numerous forms of machinery and equipment for your business – and the interest rates are very competitive. Give our team a call to find out how!



Our professional advisers can provide you with quality advice on commercial property and business loans that can help to preserve your cash flow. With commercial and business loans usually charged at a premium by the banks, speak to AW Money about how you can best structure this type of debt. Some lenders are even charging rates as low as those you pay on your home loan.



If your income stopped today due to some unforeseen circumstance, what would be the financial consequences for you and your family tomorrow morning? Get professional advice today about protecting yourself and your family in the event of a death, injury, illness or unemployment. Act now and contact us today.