Selling Tips


Every seller wants to achieve the best possible price for their home, with the least amount of stress. Your Amber Werchon Property sales consultant can recommend to you cost effective ways to maximise the appeal of your property thereby ensuring the optimum sales result for you.


You probably remember the first time you saw the property you’re now selling. How did you feel? Did you fall in love, with the purchase becoming an emotional decision? Or did you have to overlook the property’s obvious failings, leading you to make a more rational decision to buy?

These are two very different types of buying decisions – and it’s obvious that the more emotionally connected a buyer is, the more they will use their heart rather than their head to buy the property.

So to achieve the best outcome, it’s best to ensure your property’s presentation and appeal is the very best possible! We will help you co-ordinate this process. We have access to a variety of professionals we can recommend to you or we can arrange it all on your behalf.

We speak from experience and have many case studies where properties that have been presented by a professional stylist have achieved premium prices in a quick time frame. It can be worth spending that time and some money up front in order to obtain the best possible sales result on your property.


Start from your footpath and take yourself on a tour through your own “Open Home” with fresh eyes. How does the property and garden appear on first impression? Note what appeals to you about the home and what could be done to make it more appealing. Does the property look well maintained?


Start by simplifying your living spaces. The less clutter there is, the larger the rooms will appear. The less of ‘you’ in your home allows the potential buyers to visualise themselves living there. This is easier if there are less of your own personal items and pictures on show.

Clear bedside tables and bathroom cabinets, shower recesses and sinks.  Clear everything off kitchen tops. Tidy up and re-arrange all your cupboards, stack the dishes neatly, turn cup handles the same way and stack tins in order. By ensuring these small things are taken care of, buyers will get the message that this home is looked after and it will be more attractive.

In the bedrooms, tidy up the wardrobes, folding and arranging everything neatly. Hang shirts all facing the same direction and line all shoes up together. Now is the perfect time to buy new bed linen!

Consider moving furniture to open up the space viewed from the point at which buyers will first enter the room. Remember, functionality and what looks best can often be opposite to each other! Make sure the amount of furniture in each room is just enough to point to what the room is used for, but not too much that the buyer can’t move around easily. Seemingly dead spaces can be turned into something much more appealing, just with a strategic placement of furniture.

Again don’t worry if you don’t have the time or knowledge for this, this is what we are here for!


If the house is unoccupied, it’s worth considering a stylist to at least partly furnish the property, to enhance its appeal and create warmth. Although it sounds counterintuitive, rooms actually appear smaller when there’s nothing in them! The services of a stylist will also prove advantageous when the property is professionally photographed, attracting more buyers to inspections.  We have professional contacts in this space and have some great sales achieved as a result (with many case studies to back this up!).


Replace cracked tiles, repair damaged walls, fix doors that don’t close properly, freshen tired or damaged paint and timber work, ensure all drawers, blinds and awnings work smoothly and check that all lights are working. Consider repainting any brightly coloured walls a more neutral colour to create a broader appeal to a greater number of buyers.


You can’t underestimate the benefits of a spring clean! Wash windows and walls inside and out. Remove cobwebs, clean stains from around taps, baths, and showers. Dust ceiling fans and fixtures. Bleach stained tile grout. Have carpets and curtains/blinds professionally cleaned. Hang out fresh towels in the bathrooms. Put your best looking linen on show in the bedrooms. Consider plug-in air fresheners, or brewing coffee prior to open homes.


Aim to keep your lawn and edges tidy throughout the campaign, removing any weeds and trimming back overgrown trees or shrubs. Pressure clean paved areas and driveways. Consider a trip to the tip as clutter can accumulate in garden spaces as well – the indoor/outdoor lifestyle we enjoy in Australia gives you the opportunity to style your garden area as an “outdoor” room. A minimal investment in some pebbles or mulch for tired looking garden beds and some new low maintenance plants can make a huge difference!


The view from the street is the first impression a buyer gets, so make sure it’s a positive one! Take a look from the footpath and make sure lawns are mowed, paths are tidy, and all cobwebs are removed. Repair damaged window frames and glass, and ensure blinds and curtains are hanging neatly and in good order.


Give thought to the best time of day to show your property and discuss this with your agent. You know the property better than anyone!

Just before the inspection, open the doors, shutters and windows to maximise natural light, with consideration given to the season.

Give the home a last quick tidy, ensuring kitchen and bins are in order. Consider turning on lights and lamps to create ambience. Ideally take any pets with you whilst the inspection is on. Safely store your valuables.

Most importantly, leave for the duration of the inspection. While you might be curious, most potential buyers won’t feel comfortable giving the agent honest feedback if you’re there.


Our professional team are dedicated to achieving a successful outcome for you, trained to take the stress and worry out of the experience. Although we know it can take a lot of effort to properly prepare your property for sale, the results will truly be worth it.