If you’ve been following the news over the past few weeks you couldn’t fail to notice the saturation of sport reporting – with Tour de France, Wimbledon, British Lions Rugby tour, State of Origin (yay Queensland) and The Ashes first test match…and what a nail biter that was, the second test starts today, expect some late nights!
Australians have a great sporting tradition – both as participators and spectators; we are passionate about our sport, our various codes of football, cricket, netball, golf, sailing, swimming – whatever it is, we love it and we love to be victorious.

Some segments of the community of late, including media commentators have been critical about some of our sporting losses or poor performances; whilst some of this criticism has foundation, it is also important to recognise that sporting teams, like businesses/industry go through challenging and transitional times…it is extremely tough to be at the top all the time, it’s an evolving process of wins and losses.

At Amber Werchon Property, we embrace teamwork, and regularly partake in team building activities – both social and educational. We recognise each person contributes something important to the overall success of the business, and just like a sporting team we like to ensure people are working to their strengths wherever possible and being assisted with their weaknesses.

When things don’t go to plan, we analyse, regroup and work out a strategy to move forward…just like our sporting teams; we aim to be on the top of our game all the time, and we strive for excellence, achieving this through a supportive structure that provides ongoing education and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

For those cricket enthusiasts, enjoy the next four Test Matches…c’mon Aussies, we can do it!

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