Spring has arrived and the good weather we’ve enjoyed throughout winter continues. How time flies, we’ve just enjoyed Father’s Day, so watch out for Christmas advertising to commence any day now….once the election’s over that is. It does appear that we are heading for a change of government on Saturday and it is hoped that whatever the result, the nation remains optimistic about our future.
Last Friday Sales Agent Jared Young and I attended REAL 2013, an innovative real estate conference held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. REAL 2013 is a highly regarded and widely attended event, tailored to assist agents and principals learn to find opportunities in the unique challenges of today’s market – and beyond. It was a wonderful conference and well worthwhile attending, there was a great lineup of speakers including Peter Ford, Jason Andrew and Judy Goodger…it’s always refreshing and motivating to listen to some our industry leaders.
This week we also saw interest rates remain on hold, which was pretty much what market analysts predicted. The historically low rates are certainly having a positive impact on the property market, making housing more affordable – buyers are generally more confident and are making decisions in a shorter time frame as increased activity has resulted in less choice. If you are thinking of selling, there are plenty of buyers out there, so this is a very opportune time.
Enjoy the rest of your week. Don’t forget to vote on Saturday!

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