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As a licensed agent, Kerri-Lyn embodies the key principles of success, influenced by her upbringing observing her parents' ownership and operation of multiple thriving businesses. Understanding the paramount importance of clients' needs, Kerri-Lyn excels in building relationships, making it her core strength and is what makes her one of our property.people.

Property Expert

Kerri-Lyn prides herself on being accessible and approachable, firmly believing in the values of reliability and follow-up. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping clients realize their real estate ambitions on the Sunshine Coast. Having a passion for property and a background in owning and operating businesses in SE QLD, Kerri-Lyn's expertise has attracted more families seeking her assistance for their buying and selling needs.

People Focused

With her enthusiastic can-do attitude, coupled with her compassionate and caring nature, Kerri-Lyn excels at understanding each client's desires and skilfully guiding them towards their real estate goals. Her determination and unwavering commitment to achieving goals drive her relentless pursuit of positive outcomes for those she collaborates with.

Kerri-Lyn cherishes her leisure time, enjoying the company of friends, family, and indulging in her other true love—painting. Her natural artistic flair complements her skill set in all aspects of real estate.estate.

Kerri-Lyn is the Director of KLBV Investments Pty Ltd working in conjunction with Amber Werchon Property.

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