Marni Sweedman

Licensed Agent - Team Murray

About Marni

Marni possesses an intimate understanding of the Sunshine Coast having lived here for 20+ years and she's further enriched her knowledge through her own investments in properties, offering her unique insights into the real estate landscape which makes her one of our property.people.

Property Expert

Serving 14yrs as a paramedic on the Sunshine Coast has not only provided Marni with invaluable knowledge of the area but also instilled a genuine passion for helping people make life's most significant decision of buying or selling property.

People Focused

Marni also truly believes it's not solely about properties; it's about forging lasting relationships and ensuring her clients have a seamless, stress-free real estate experience.

In her free time, Marni enjoys family time,going for motorbike rides and travelling in her caravan with her husband.

Marni is the director of Home Sweeds Home Pty Ltd, working in conjunction with Amber Werchon Property.

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