About Peter

Peter has a lifetime of experience in customer service with over 2 decades in the hospitality industry & now, 10 years as a committed caring professional with the AW team.

Property Expert

During this time Peter has not only won numerous awards but made many friends and is highly regarded within the local industry, often referred to as “the consummate gentleman of real estate”. He has built a huge client base from referrals and repeat-business; people trust him, and importantly, he delivers!

People Focused

“I believe the key to long-term success in this very competitive industry is authenticity; it’s a people-based profession and it’s about building relationships via respect and honesty, and never compromising your ethics to secure a result.”

Spending his childhood years in the hot Central Western town of Blackall, Peter loved the family holidays on the golden beaches of Southeast Queensland and has enjoyed living here for the past 15 years. From the spectacular coastline through to the lush hinterland, the temperate climate and the relaxed lifestyle, this is where he wants to be.

Peter is the Director of Danks Brown Property Pty Ltd, working in conjunction with Amber Werchon Property.